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We offer the largest apartment selection, relocation and property management information in the Nashville, Tennessee area.
Our experienced agents will find the perfect apartment and email you the results along with available pictures, floor plans and maps to the properties. Free Apartment Locating and Finding Service for apartments in Nashville TN.
For those who like the south, there is no better city than Nashville, Tennessee . The lifestyle is relaxed ,comfortable, but fast paced in this rapidly growing city. Nashville seems to be the perfect city to have fun, raise a family, and find an exciting career.
Leasing an apartment in Nashville, Tennessee is quick and simple with our Free Apartment Locating Services. All you do is contact us at Apartment Selector of Nashville by calling the phone number above, or complete our email request form. You will be contacted by a relocation specialist to confirm your information. Easy as 1,2,3!
1. Complete the Request Form for Apartment Information Nashville TN.
2. We will contact you in a few hours to verify the information.
3. View the communities on-line and then visit your top choices.

History of Apartment Locating: In 1959, Apartment Selector was founded by Cecil Laughlin, Jr. to be a free service to renters. Owners and managers of apartment communities agreed to pay a small fee to meet new clients. There is no fee to the renter for our service and the rent and offerings made by communities are similar or often better than those you would find advertised by other services. An apartment locator is a person who will match your apartment needs with available apartments by searching their extensive database of hundreds of apartments available. The matching of needs with available units is what apartment locators do. Some major reasons to consider the services of an apartment locator. 1. Save your time- How? We know the areas, the apartment properties, many apartment property managers personally, so we can check for up to the minute availability on apartments that meet your criteria. 2. Save you money– How? You save by not driving around to communities that are not matched to your needs, and you will learn about apartments offering incentives such as free rent or low deposits. 3. Save you mental stress– Why: you tell one person what you need one time and know that you are getting an unbiased opinion as to your best options. 4. Locators get results fast, free and easy. Ask about the “Valet” service. Letting someone else do the driving is especially welcome when the alternative is navigating around an unfamiliar city.

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WHAT WE DO FOR YOU! We save you time- Vacancy searching can require hours of phone calling or knocking on doors. We save you money- Driving to the wrong communities takes your gas. We search our database for the communities matched to your needs. You review the initial selections on line. We can adjust the list based on your comments. You visit communities that are matched to your criteria, that is how we save you time and money. Please advise the on-site leasing team that Apartment Selector is the source (how you learned about the community). What to expect when leasing an apartment in Nashville! The apartments use similar leases and lease applications. Be prepared with your deposit check and identification when you visit a community. Very often they offer “Look and Lease” specials. Be ready. Will you need a roommate or spouse to approve your new apartment? Be sure to have them look with you. Be sure to confirm all information in advance and ask for it in writing. Our databases have information that ages very quickly due to the fast changing market. We want you get what you are after. If you have any credit issues or background situations, bring them up early to avoid wasting your time and money on application checks that could be denied. We know which properties will work with various issues. Let us help you. FREE Apartment Locating is the business we perfected in 1959. Yes, we are the oldest service in the United States assisting renters as a professional apartment locator. We differ from moving companies that offer apartment information and on-line web services in several important ways. 1. We are people helping people, not computers listing information. Your presentation is your vacancy list- your list is based on phone calls, visiting communities, updating resources and our professional experience and opinion. 2. On-line listing services expect you to do all the driving around and calling. They expect you do all the work. They are not a true search of vacancies. People wanting real assistance respect those that are professionals. That is all we ask for. When we do the work, we ask for your loyalty and support by informing the apartment communities that we are the reason you are visiting and leasing at their community.

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Thanks for visiting Apartment Selector®. We offer our FREE Nashville Apartment locating service to assist you find the apartment home of your choice. Please visit our selected communities in the Apartment Photo Gallery to acquaint you with the style of communities and price ranges/amenities in our area. Please note: our service is absolutely FREE to you.

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All prices and amenities are subject to availability for the unit you choose. The features listed will notapply to all units. Please confirm all information before signing your lease.

Please be sure to tell the on-site leasing agent (note on the guest card and leasing application) that Apartment Selector was responsible for your visiting their community.

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