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For those who like the south, there is no better city than Dallas, Texas . The lifestyle is relaxed,comfortable, but fast paced in this rapidly growing city. Dallas seems to be the perfect city to have fun, raise a family, and find an exciting job.
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La Arboleda Apartments 7777 E Rl Thornton, Dallas TX 75228.

La Biarritz Apartments 5722 Gaston Ave, Dallas TX 75214.

La Buena Vida Condominiums Apartments 18240 Midway Rd., Dallas TX 75287.

La Escondita Apartments 4520 Holland Ave, Dallas TX 75219.

La Estepona I Apartments 2425 Bennett, Dallas TX 75206.

La Estepona Ii Apartments 5000 Belmont, Dallas TX 75206.

La Fina Apartments 5526 Reiger, Dallas TX 75214.

La Foy/Fairfax Duplexes Apartments Lafoy At Fairfax, Dallas TX 75231.

La Maison/Walden Place Apartments 2850 Clydedale, Dallas TX 75228.

La Prada Place Apartments 8383 La Prada, Dallas TX 75228.

La Rhonda Apartments 1515 Bennett Ave, Dallas TX 75206.

La Salle Apartments Apartments 18725 N.Dallas Parkway, Dallas TX 75287.

La Salle Court Apartments 5003 Bryan#A, Dallas TX 75204.

La Tour Apartments 3030 Mc Kinney #101, Dallas TX 75204.

La Vaca Apts. Apartments 4230 Travis St., Dallas TX 75205.

La Valencia Apartments 10106 Technology Blvd West, Dallas TX 75220.

La Villa Apartments 4023 Rawlins, Dallas TX 75219.

La Villa Roma Apartments 3737 Higgins Ave, Dallas TX 75211.

La Vista Apartments 5918 -20 La Vista, Dallas TX 75206.

La Vista Apartments 4343 Buena Vista, Dallas TX 75205.

La Vista Heights Apartments 5610 Lewis, Dallas TX 75206.

Lacosta Villas Apartments 12500 Merit Drive, Dallas TX 75251.

Lafayette House Apartments 5680 Abrams, Dallas TX 75214.

Lafayette Square Apartments 4624 Lafayette, Dallas TX 75204.

Laguna Terrace Apartments 5769 Beltline, Dallas TX 75240.

Laguna Vista Apartments 1580 Mira Lago, Dallas TX 75234.

Lake Cliff Villa Apartments , Dallas TX 75203.

Lake North Apartments 9430 A Lake North Circle, Dallas TX 75220.

Lake North Apartments 9430 Lake North Circle, Dallas TX 75220.

Lake Towne Apartments 1111 Beachview, Dallas TX 75218.

Lakedale Apartments Apartments 2921 Kendale, Dallas TX 75220.

Lakeridge Apartments 2510 Community Dr, Dallas TX 75220.

Lakes In The Village Apartments 8610 Southwestern, Dallas TX 75206.

Lakeside at Walnut Hill Apartments 9837 N Central Expy, Dallas TX 75231.

Lakeview At Parkside Apartments 3950 Spring Valley, Dallas TX 75244.

Lakewood Club Apartments 200 N. Henderson Ave. #114, Dallas TX 75214.

Lakewood Colony Apartments 2455 Connecticut, Dallas TX 75214.

Lakewood Courtyard Apartments 5414 -18 Reiger, Dallas TX 75214.

Lakewood Embassy Apartments 5701 Gaston #1a, Dallas TX 75214.

Lakewood Gardens Apartments 5907 -17 Gaston, Dallas TX 75214.

Lakewood Greens Apartments 7150 E. Grand, Dallas TX 75223.

Lakewood Manor Apartments 6202 Gaston Ave, Dallas TX 75214.

Lakewood Oaks Apartments 101 N. Brookside, Dallas TX 75214.

Landing Apartments 9750 Royal Ln., Dallas TX 75231.

Landmark Apartments 3299 South Polk, Dallas TX 75224.

Las Brisas Apartments 2749 Northaven, Dallas TX 75205.

Las Brisas (Gilbert) Apartments 4203 Gilbert, Dallas TX 75205.

Las Cascadas Apartments 9350 Skillman, Dallas TX 75243.

Las Colonitas/Condos Apartments 12834 Midway Rd, Dallas TX 75234.

Las Cortes Apartment Apartments 14645 Los Flores, Dallas TX 75240.

Las Esmeraldas Apartments 1428 Bennett #1, Dallas TX 75206.

Laurels Apartments 4121 Avondale #101, Dallas TX 75230.

Laurels Apartments 4501 Glenwick, Dallas TX 75204.

Laurels West Apartments 4107 -09 Avondale, Dallas TX 75230.

Le Andro Apartments 5510 Reiger, Dallas TX 75204.

Le Chateau Apartments 2707 Shelby Ave, Dallas TX 75219.

Le Chene Apartments 2222 Bennett Ave, Dallas TX 75206.

Le Deaux Apartments 2526 Reagan, Dallas TX 75219.

Le Harve Apartments 5521 Columbia Ave, Dallas TX 75214.

Le Jon Apartments 4122 Bowser, Dallas TX 75219.

Le Parc/Condos Apartments 2901 Knight, Dallas TX 75219.

Leeward Isles Apartments 3747 Mcmillan, Dallas TX 75206.

Leigh Ann Apartments 7938 Leigh Ann, Dallas TX 75232.

Leisure Elms Apartments 3948 Orlando Ct, Dallas TX 75211.

Leisure Oaks Apartments 800 Burns, Dallas TX 75211.

Lenn Captain Apartments 6211 W. NW Hwy #C155, Dallas TX 75225.

Les Amis Apartments 4107 Bowser Ave #108, Dallas TX 75219.

Lexington Apartments 3208 Community Drive, Dallas TX 75220.

Life Style Apartments 3625 Bolivar Dr *Sa, Dallas TX 75220.

Lincoln Court Apartments 3838 Rawlins, Dallas TX 75219.

Lincoln Crossing Apartments 19251 Preston Road, Dallas TX 75252.

Lincoln Gardens Apartments 4647 Mckinney Ave #101, Dallas TX 75205.

Linden In Town Apartments 2802 Carroll Ave, Dallas TX 75204.

Little Turtle Apartments 4300 Holland, Dallas TX 75205.

Live Oak Apartments 4609 Live Oak, Dallas TX 75204.

Live Oak Apartments 4638 Live Oak, Dallas TX 75206.

Live Oak Apartments 4921 -4931 Live Oak, Dallas TX 75206.

Live Oak Apartments 4638 Live Oak, Dallas TX 75204.

Live Oak Lofts Apartments 2502 Live Oak, Dallas TX 75204.

Living Suites Apartments 13250 Emily Road #1101, Dallas TX 75240.

Lochwood Apartments 10906 A Lake Gardens, Dallas TX 75228.

Lodge at Timberglen Apartments 3440 Timberglen, Dallas TX 75287.

Lodges Apartments 8307 Meadow Road, Dallas TX 75231.

Lofts Apartments 7152 Fair Oaks, Dallas TX 75231.

London Manor Apartments 9825 Webbs Chapel, Dallas TX 752203443.

London Park Apartments 15889 Preston Rd. Ste.1026, Dallas TX 75248.

Los Arboles Apartments 4015 Fairmont St, Dallas TX 75219.

Los Arboles Apartments 4911 Bryan Street, Dallas TX 75206.

Los Arboles Apartments 4025 Fairmount, Dallas TX 75219.

Los Lomas I & Ii Apartments 299 Stoneport Dr., Dallas TX 75217.

Luminarias Apartments 4312 Junius, Dallas TX 75246.

Madison Apartments 12800 Jupiter Rd, Dallas TX 75238.

Madison At Cedar Springs Apartments 4606 Cedar Springs, Dallas TX 75219.

Madison Park Apartments 10501 Steppington, Dallas TX 75230.

Madonna Plaza Apartments 8618 Baltimore Dr, Dallas TX 75225.

Madras/India House Apartments 4220 Cole Ave, Dallas TX 75204.

Magnolia Hotel Apartments 1401 Commerce, Dallas TX 75201.

Magnolia Station Apartments 1607 Lyte Street, Dallas TX 75201.

Mainstay Apartments 313 Norwalk, Dallas TX 75220.

Maison D Oaks Apartments 3223 Cambrick, Dallas TX 75204.

Manchester State Thomas Apartments 3010 State Street, Dallas TX 75204.

Mandalay Apartments 5212 Gaston Ave, Dallas TX 75214.

Mandalay Apartments 17817 Coit Rd, Dallas TX 75252.

Mandalay Palms Apartments 7501 Chesterfield, Dallas TX 75237.

Manhattan Apts. Apartments 4406 Bowser Ave., Dallas TX 75219.

Mannett Square Apartments 4919 Manett, Dallas TX 75204.

Manor House Apartments 1222 Commerce Street, Dallas TX 75202.

Manor On The Park Apartments 3122 Park Lane, Dallas TX 75220.

Manor Way Apartments 5912 B Frederick Square, Dallas TX 75225.

Maple Apartments 2504 Maple Ave, Dallas TX 75201.

Maple Avenue Apartments 2504 Maple Avenue, Dallas TX 75201.

Maple Leaf Apartments 2512 Maple Avenue, Dallas TX 75201.

Maple Manor Apartments 5525 Maple, Dallas TX 75235.

Maple Terrace Apartments 3001 Maple Ave, Dallas TX 75201.

Maple Terrace Apartments 8632 Beauregard Dr #8640, Dallas TX 75225.

Maple Tree Apartments 13236 Kit Ln, Dallas TX 75240.

Mapleshade Residences Apartments 6606 Mapleshade Lane, Dallas TX 75252.

Mariposa Villas Apartments 1531 Duncanville Rd., Dallas TX 75211.

Market Centre Apartments 7000 Holly Hill Dr *Sa, Dallas TX 75231.

Marquee North Apartments 4055 Bluffview Blvd, Dallas TX 75209.

Marquis at Park Central Apartments 7900 Churchill Way, Dallas TX 75251.

Marquis at Texas Street Apartments 2801 Live Oak, Dallas TX 75204.

Marquis At Turtle creek Apartments 3001 Sale Street, Dallas TX 75219.

Marquis East Apartments 5511 Gaston Avenue, Dallas TX 75214.

Marquis On Cedar Springs Apartments 3604 Cedar Springs, Dallas TX 75219.

Marquis on Gaston Apartments 2752 Gaston Ave, Dallas TX 75226.

Marquis on McKinney Apartments 3324 McKinney, Dallas TX 75204.

Marquis West Village Apartments 3700 COLE AVE, DALLAS TX 75204.

Marsh Creek Apartments 18749 Marsh Lane, Dallas TX 75287.

Martel Manor Apartments 5730 Martel Ave, Dallas TX 75206.

Mason Apartments 4306 Mckinney Avenue #B, Dallas TX 75205.

Mason Apartment Apartments 4303 Cole Ave, Dallas TX 75205.

Matador Apartments 3425 So Polk, Dallas TX 75224.

Matterhorn Apartments 4121 Newton Ave St#110, Dallas TX 75219.

Mc Callum Corners Apartments 7795 Mc Callum Corners #103, Dallas TX

Mccallum Crossing Apartments 7720 Mccallum, Dallas TX 75252.

Mccallum Glen Apartments 7720 Mccallum Blvd., Dallas TX 752528143.

Mccallum Highlands Apartments 6565 Mccallum Blvd, Dallas TX 75252.

Mccallum Meadows Apartments 7760 Mccallum, Dallas TX 75252.

Mccallum Oaks Apartments 17708 Dickerson, Dallas TX 75252.

Mckay Properties Apartments 5733 Goodwin, Dallas TX 75206.

Mckinney Apartments 4307 Mckinney, Dallas TX 75205.

Mckinney Apartments 4110 Mckinney Ave, Dallas TX 75204.

Mckinney Arms Apartments 4333 Mckinney, Dallas TX 75205.

Mcmillan Apartments 2114 Mc Millan, Dallas TX 75206.

Mcmillan Place Apartments 12610 Jupiter Road, Dallas TX 75238.

Mcommas Place Apartments 6059 Sherry Lane, Dallas TX 75225.

Meadow Apartments Apartments 8200 Southwestern *Sa, Dallas TX 75206.

Meadow Creek Apartments 14000 Maham Road, Dallas TX 75240.

Meadow Lark Apartments 8110 Meadow Road, Dallas TX 75231.

Meadow Oaks Apartments 7770 Meadow Road, Dallas TX 75230.

Meadow Parc Apartments 4811 Duncanville Rd., Dallas TX 75236.

Meadowcrest Apartments 5200 Meadowcreek, Dallas TX 75248.

Meadows Crossing Apartments 8175 Meadow Road, Dallas TX 75231.

Meadows North Condominums Apartments 8069 Meadows Road, Dallas TX 75231.

Meandering Trails Apartments 7220 Mccallum Blvd, Dallas TX 75252.

Melody Place Apartments 6852 Shady Brook Ln, Dallas TX 75231.

Melody Village Apartments 5951 Melody Lane, Dallas TX 75231.

Melrose Place Apartments 2816 Lucas, Dallas TX 75219.

Meyers Apartments 2426 Meyers, Dallas TX 75215.

Midpark Crossing Apartments 13750 Maham, Dallas TX 75240.

MidPark Towers Apartments 8550 MIdpark Rd., Dallas TX 75240.

Mikado Apartments 6263 La Vista Dr, Dallas TX 75214.

Milam Apartments 5224 Milam Street, Dallas TX 75206.

Miles End Apartments 3719 Miles, Dallas TX 75209.

Milino Villa Apartments 4630 Munger Ave, Dallas TX 75204.

Mill Creek Townhomes Apartments 540 Josephine St., Dallas TX 752461451.

Mirasol Court Apartments 3720 Rawlins, Dallas TX 75204.

Mitchell Lofts Apartments 3800 Commerce Street, Dallas TX 75226.

Mockingbird Station Lofts Apartments 5307 East Mockingbird, Dallas TX 75206.

Monarch Crest Apartments 4606 Monarch, Dallas TX 75204.

Mondrian at City Place Apartments 3000 Blackburn St., Dallas TX 75204.

Monopoly Place Duplexes Apartments 1104 Peavy Road, Dallas TX 75218.

Montage Apartments 5414 Cedar Springs, Dallas TX 75235.

Montecito Palms Apartments 8401 Skillman *Sa, Dallas TX 75231.

Monterey Apartments 4726 Homer, Dallas TX 75204.

Monterrey Terrace Apartments 5800 Grassmere Ln, Dallas TX 75205.

Montfort Crossing Apartments 5580 Harvest Hill Rd, Dallas TX 75230.

Montfort Oaks 7150-1 Apartments 14100 Montfort Drive, Dallas TX 75240.

Montfort Place Apartments 5445 PRESTON OAKS, Dallas TX 75240.

Montfort Townhomes Apartments 14400 Montfort #101, Dallas TX 75240.

Montfort Valley Apartments Apartments 13660 Montfort, Dallas TX 75240.

Monticello Crossroads Apartments 5200 Martel, Dallas TX 75206.

Morningside Apartments 5711 Morningside Ave, Dallas TX 75206.

Mosaic Highrise Apartments 300 North Akard, Dallas TX 75201.

Moser Gardens Apartments 2315 Moser Avenue, Dallas TX 75206.

Moulin Rouge Apartments 1251 Moulin Rouge #125, Dallas TX 75211.

Mount Vernon Apartments 3704 Oak Lawn, Dallas TX 75219.

Mountain Ridge Apartments 2626 Duncanville Rd., Dallas TX 752117400.

Mountain Valley Apartments 1205 S Walton Walker, Dallas TX 75211.

Mulberry Apartments 4423 Cole Ave, Dallas TX 752055417.

Mulberry Bush Apartments 4421 Buena Vista, Dallas TX 75205.

Munger Place/Condos Apartments 5119 Junius, Dallas TX 75214.

Nantucket Island Apartments 8221 Scyene Rd #116, Dallas TX 75227.

Nantucket Landing Apartments 18949 Marsh Ln, Dallas TX 752872100.

New Oasis Apartments 5000 Bowser, Dallas TX 75209.

New World Apartments 11434 Woodmeadow Pkwy, Dallas TX 75228.

Newman Place Apartments 0 Send 3201 N. Haskell, Dallas TX 75204.

Newport Apartments 5919 Birchbrook, Dallas TX 75206.

Newport Apts. Apartments 5919 Birchbrook, Dallas TX 75206.

Newport Landing Apartments 10850 Kingsley Road, Dallas TX 75238.

Noel Apartments Apartments 13408 Noel Road, Dallas TX 75240.

Nor-El Apartments 707 North Marsalis, Dallas TX 75203.

Normandy Apartments 3525 Normandy, Dallas TX 75205.

Normandy Square Apartments 3303 Chapel Creek, Dallas TX 75220.

Normandy Woods Apartments 2728 N Buckner Blvd, Dallas TX 752284371.

North Creek/Condos Apartments 9387 Pinyon Tree Ln, Dallas TX 75243.

North Park Terrace Apartments 8662 Park Lane, Dallas TX 75231.

North Ridge Court Apartments 6421 Ridgecrest, Dallas TX 75231.

North Ridge Townhomes Apartments 4152 Harvest Hill, Dallas TX 75234.

North Shore Apartments 3321 West Northwest Hwy, Dallas TX 75220.

Northaven Raquet Club Apartments 11457 Dennis Rd *Sa, Dallas TX 75229.

Northbridge Apartments 8705 Southwestern Blvd., Dallas TX 75206.

Northbridge In The Village Apartments 8705 Southwestern Blvd., Dallas TX 75206.

Northbrook Apartments 6130 Lands End Circle, Dallas TX 75231.

Northlake Apartments 1250 Peavy Road, Dallas TX 75218.

Northway Apartments 5024 Bowser, Dallas TX 75209.

Northwest Crossing Apartments 9680 Timberline *Sa, Dallas TX 75220.

Northwest Terrace Apartments 8501 LULLWATER DR, Dallas TX 75238.

Northwood Apartments 7631 Eastern Ave, Dallas TX 75209.

Northwood Hills Apartments 13980 Peyton Dr, Dallas TX 75240.

Northwood Square Apartments 14140 Haymeadow, Dallas TX 75240.

Nottingham Apartments 3232 Chapel Creek Dr, Dallas TX 75220.

Oak Bluff Condos Apartments 4545 Live Oak, Dallas TX 0.

Oak Hill Villa I Apartments 4909 Live Oak, Dallas TX 75206.

Oak Hill Villa V Apartments 5119 Junius, Dallas TX 75214.

Oak Hill Villa Vii Apartments 4951 Eastside, Dallas TX 75214.

Oak Hollow I Apartments 13505 Kit Lane, Dallas TX 75240.

Oak Hollow Ii Apartments 13330 Emily *Sa, Dallas TX 75240.

Oak Lawn Bahamas Apartments 4231 Travis, Dallas TX 75205.

Oak Marcee Apartments 929 North Marsalis, Dallas TX 75203.

Oak Meadow Apartments 11050 Woodmeadow, Dallas TX 75228.

Oak Park Apartments 5318 South Hampton Ave, Dallas TX 75232.

Oak Ridge Apartments 2803 West Illinois, Dallas TX 75233.

Oak Run Apartments 5801 Preston Oak Rd, Dallas TX 75240.

Oak Trails Apartments 2911 Clydedale Dr *Sa, Dallas TX 75220.

Oakdale Townhomes Apartments 4311 Samuell Blvd, Dallas TX 75228.

Oakes Apartments 4919 Gaston, Dallas TX 75246.

Oaklane Villa Apartments 3423 Forest Lane, Dallas TX 75234.

Oaklawn Apartments 4116 Rawlins, Dallas TX 75219.

Oaklawn Manor Apartments 3904 Hall, Dallas TX 75219.

Oakridge Apartments 2803 W Illinois, Dallas TX 75233.

Oaks White Rock Apartments 9000 Poppy Drive, Dallas TX 75218.

Oaks Of Lakewood Apartments 7151 Gaston Ave., Dallas TX 75206.

Oakway Corners Ii Apartments 2424 Arroyo, Dallas TX 75219.

Oakwood Apartments 2538 Bahama Dr, Dallas TX 75211.

Oakwood Corporate Housing Inc. Apartments 13619 Inwood Rd. Suite 320, Dallas TX 75244.

Oakwood Creek Apts Phase Ii Apartments 7920 Skillman, Dallas TX 75231.

Oakwood Creek/Condos Apartments 7920 Skillman, Dallas TX 75231.

Oates Manor Apartments 2031 Oates Dr. #2033, Dallas TX 75228.

Olympus Apartments 12825 Jupiter Road, Dallas TX 75238.

One & Only Apartments 3619 Bolivar, Dallas TX 75220.

One Edmon Place Apartments 4014 Travis, Dallas TX 75204.

One Up Apartments 2530 Community Drive, Dallas TX 75220.

Oram Court Apartments 0 C/O Woodshire Court, Dallas TX 75204.

Oram Square Apartments 6003 Oram #205, Dallas TX 75206.

Over The Rainbow Apartments 3527 Bolivar, Dallas TX 75220.

Paces Corporate Units Apartments 8333 Douglas, Ste 950, Dallas TX 75225.

Paces Cove Apartments 13100 Pandora Dr, Dallas TX 752384093.

Pagoda Apartments 4219 Mckinney Ave, Dallas TX 75205.

Paragon Apartments 4718 Reiger, Dallas TX 75246.

Parc Riviera East Apartments 5200 Belmont Avenue, Dallas TX 75206.

Parc Riviera West Apartments 5200 Belmont, Dallas TX 75206.

Paree Apartments 5005 Gaston, Dallas TX 75214.

Park Apartments 5349 Amesbury, Dallas TX 75206.

Park At Addison Apartments add4, Dallas TX 0.

Park At Cliff Creek Apartments 7310 Marvin D. Love Frwy, Dallas TX 75237.

Park Central-Condos Apartments 7910 #A Northaven, Dallas TX 75230.

Park Cities Apartments 4112 Glenwick #1, Dallas TX 75205.

Park Congress Apartments 2624 Douglas Ave, Dallas TX 75219.

Park Cosmopolitan Apartments 4733 N Central, Dallas TX 75205.

Park Dale Garden Apartments 9701 Dalecrest Dr, Dallas TX 75220.

Park Forest Apartments 3626 Villaverde Ave, Dallas TX 75234.

Park Gates At City Place Apartments 4211 Cabell Drive, Dallas TX 75204.

Park Glen Apartments 7425 La Vista Drive, Dallas TX 75214.

Park highland Apartments 4504 Abbott Ave, Dallas TX 75205.

Park Hill Apartments 8403 Manderville Rd, Dallas TX 75231.

Park Lane Apartments 4117 Lovers Lane #79, Dallas TX 75225.

Park Lane Village Apartments 3040 Park Lane, Dallas TX 75220.

Park Meadow Apartments 3152 Valley Meadow, Dallas TX 75220.

Park Mulberry Apartments 4423 Cole Avenue, Dallas TX 75205.

Park On Greenville Apartments 9221 Amberton Pkwy, Dallas TX 75243.

Park On Preston Apartments Apartments 17878 Preston Road, Dallas TX 75252.

Park On Rosemeade Apartments 0 Leasing Office, Dallas TX 75287.

Park Place Apartments 3155 Park Lane, Dallas TX 75220.

Park Place Apartments 405 North Ewing Ave, Dallas TX 75203.

Park Place I Apartments 4223 Buena Vista, Dallas TX 75205.

Park Place Ii/Condos Apartments 4414 Buena Vista, Dallas TX 75205.

Park Plaza Apartments 13005 Meandering Way, Dallas TX 75240.

Park Point Apartments 8780 Park Lane, Dallas TX 75231.

Park Terrace Apartments 829 Cedar Hill, Dallas TX 0.

Park Village Apartments 7575 South Westmoreland, Dallas TX 75237.

Park Village Apartments 7575 S. Westmoreland, Dallas TX 75237.

Park Woods Apartments 3035 Pentagon Parkway, Dallas TX 75233.

Parkford Oaks Apartments 3443 Mahanna, Dallas TX 75209.

Parkhaven Apartments 4512 Abbott, Dallas TX 75205.

Parkmont Apartments 5110 Junius, Dallas TX 75214.

Parkmore Apartments 4700 Worth, Dallas TX 75246.

Parks at Walnut Apartments 10000 Walnut, Dallas TX 75243.

Parks Edge Apartments 4554 Glenwick, Dallas TX 75205.

Parks of Woodhollow Apartments 8215 Meadow Rd, Dallas TX 75231.

Parkview of Lakewood Apartments 4915 Reiger Ave, Dallas TX 75214.

Parkway Garden Apartments 8008 Military Pkwy, Dallas TX 75227.

Parkway Lane Condos Apartments 4748 Old Bent Tree Lane, Dallas 75287.

Parkway North Apartments 4031 Altoona, Dallas TX 75233.

Parkway Village Apartments 4242 N. Capistrano Drive, Dallas TX 75287.

Parkwood Apartments 4343 Travis #5, Dallas TX 75205.

Parkwood Apartments , Dallas TX 75205.

Parkwood Creek/Condos Apartments 8545 Midpark, Dallas TX 75240.

Patio Terrace Apartments 4619 Lake Avenue, Dallas TX 75219.

Pavilion Townplace Apartments 7700 Greenway, Dallas TX 75209.

Peachtree Apartments 5109 Gaston Ave, Dallas TX 75214.

Peanut Gallery Apartments 4303 Cole Ave. #103, Dallas TX 75205.

Pear Ridge Apartments 4753 Old Bent Tree Ln, Dallas TX 75287.

Pear Ridge Creek Apartments 4750 Pear Ridge Rd, Dallas TX 75287.

Pebblecreek Apartments 7735 Manderville Road, Dallas TX 75231.

Pebbles Apartments 8320 Park Lane *Sa, Dallas TX 75231.

Pecan Square I Apartments 3535 Webbs Chapel Ext, Dallas TX 75220.

Pecan Square Ii Apartments 3535 Webbs Chapel, Dallas TX 75220.

Pecan Tree Apartments 3002 Clydedale *Sa, Dallas TX 75220.

Penny Apartments 3130 Daniels, Dallas TX 75205.

Pheonix Apartments 5330 Junius, Dallas TX 75214.

Philadelphia Place Apartments 5548 Boaz, Dallas TX 75209.

Phoenix Midtown Apartments 5555 East Mockingbird, Dallas TX 75206.

Phoenix Place Apartments 2601 Arroyo, Dallas TX 75219.

Piazza Siena Apartments 3102 Kings Rd., Dallas TX 75219.

Pine Branch Apartments 5811 Pineland, Dallas TX 75231.

Pines Apartments 1716 Garrett Ave, Dallas TX 75206.

Pines Point Apartments 3102 Oradell #102, Dallas TX 75220.

Plantation House Apartments 2625 Hudnall, Dallas TX 75235.

Plantation Royal Apartments 2825 Royal Lane, Dallas TX 75229.

Players Club-TDS Apartments 2525 Players Court, Dallas TX 75287.

Plaza Apartments 6143 Averill Way, Dallas TX 75225.

Plaza At Lovers Lane Apartments 6044 E. Lovers Lane, Dallas TX 75206.

Plaza At Turtle Creek Apartments 3535 Gillespie, Dallas TX 75219.

Plaza Lane Apartments 3304 Cedar Plaza, Dallas TX 75235.

Pleasant Woods Apartments 9236 Church Road, Dallas TX 75231.

Plum Tree Apartments 7676 South Westmoreland, Dallas TX 75237.

Plymouth House Apartments 515 Plymouth Rd, Dallas TX 75211.

Pointe Apartments 6514 Ridgecrest *Sa, Dallas TX 75231.

Pointe At Stone Canyon Apartments 10588 Stone Canyon Rd, Dallas TX 0.

Pointe On Timberglen Apartments 3737 Timberglen Dr, Dallas TX 75252.

Polaris Apartments 510 Westmount, Dallas TX 75211.

Polo Club On Spring Valley Apartments 5616 Spring Valley Rd, Dallas TX 75240.

Ponchatrain Apartments 2610 Knight Street, Dallas TX 75219.

Ponderosa Apartments 510 East 8th Street, Dallas TX 75203.

Pontine Apartments 2015 N.Garrett Ave., Dallas TX 75206.

Port Au Prince Apartments 4906 Live Oak, Dallas TX 75206.

Posado Del Rey Apartments 3629 Alazan Dr, Dallas TX 75220.

Post Block 588 Apartments 3110 Thomas Avenue, Dallas TX 75204.

Post Coles Corner Apartments 3227 Mckinney Ave, Dallas TX 75204.

Post Gallery Apartments 3006 Woodside Plaza, Dallas Tx 75204.

Post Heights Apartments 2404 Allen Street, Dallas TX 75204.

Post Meridian Apartments 2427 Allen St., Dallas TX 75204.

Post Parkwood Apartments 2821 Carlisle Street, Dallas TX 752044477.

Post Square Apartments 2828 Laclede Ave, Dallas TX 75204.

Post Uptown Village Apartments 2121 Routh, Dallas TX 75201.

Post Vintage Of Uptown Apartments 2803 Cole Avenue, Dallas TX 75204.

Post Wilson Building Apartments 1623 Main Street, Dallas TX 75201.

Post Worthington Apartments 2808 Mckinney Ave., Dallas TX 0.

Power Properties Corp Office Apartments 5923 Gaston Ave, Dallas TX 75216.

Prarie Hill Apartments 2016 Prairie, Dallas TX 75206.

Preferred Corp. Ste. Apartments 4315 Creekmeadow, Dallas TX 75287.

Prescott Apartments 4149 Prescott Ave, Dallas TX 75219.

Preston Bend Apartments 18790 Lloyd Dr., Dallas TX 75252.

Preston Creek Apartments 5902 Preston Oaks Road, Dallas TX 75240.

Preston Del Norte I Apartments 5811 Belt Line Road, Dallas TX 75240.

Preston Greens Apartments 5990 Arapaho Rd, Dallas TX 75248.

Preston Hills Apartments 5881 Preston View Blvd, Dallas TX 75240.

Preston Hollow Apartments 8208 Spring Valley, Dallas TX 75240.

Preston Oaks Apartments 5800 Preston Oaks Rd, Dallas TX 75240.

Preston On The Creek Apartments 14277 Preston Road, Dallas TX 75240.

Preston Pointe Apartments 14041 Preston Rd, Dallas TX 75240.

Preston Racquet Club Apartments 5840 Spring Valley, Dallas TX 75240.

Preston Trace Vill I & Ii Apartments 18330 Gallery Drive, Dallas TX 75252.

Preston Valley Apartments 5631 Spring Valley Rd, Dallas TX 75240.

Preston View Villa/Condos Apartments 6104 Lbj Freeway, Dallas TX 75240.

Preston Village Apartments 8629 Thackery Street, Dallas TX 75225.

Preston Village Apartments 18909 Lloyd Circle, Dallas TX 75252.

Preston Village Apartments 6527 W Northwest Hwy, Dallas TX 75225.

Preston Villas Apartments 17601 Preston Road, Dallas TX 75252.

Prestonbridge Apartments 14455 Preston Rd, Dallas TX 75254.

Prestonwood Green/B#2803 Apartments 5300 Keller Springs, Dallas TX 75248.

Prestonwood Green/Condos Apartments 5300 Keller Springs, Dallas TX 75248.

Prestonwood Springs Apartments 5930 Arapaho Rd, Dallas TX 75248.

Prestonwood Trails Apartments 6350 Keller Springs, Dallas TX 75248.

Prestonwood-Hillcrest Apartments 15505 Hillcrest, Dallas TX 75248.

Princeton Court Apartments 6121 Melody Lane, Dallas TX 75231.

Providence Apartments 11700 Audelia, Dallas TX 75243.

Providence Mockingbiird Apartments 1853 W.Mockingbird Lane, Dallas TX 75235.

Providence Towers Apartments 1863 W. Mockingbird, Dallas TX 75235.

PT Townhouse Apartments 3411 Shenandoah St. Apt. D, Dallas tx 75205.

PTI @ University Gardens Apartments 5800 Dublin Street, Dallas TX 75205.

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The day before you visit be sure to contact your leasing specialist so they can update prices, specials and availabilities.
What we do, is save you time and money. We search our database for the communities matched to your needs. You review the initial selections on line. We can adjust the list based on your comments. You visit communities that are matched to your criteria, that is how we save you time and money.
Please advise the on-site leasing team that Apartment Selector is the source (how you learned about the community).
What to expect when leasing an apartment in Dallas!
The apartments use similar leases and lease applications. Be prepared with your deposit check and identification when you visit a community. Very often they offer “Look and Lease” specials. Be ready.
Will you need a roommate or spouse to approve your new apartment? Be sure to have them look with you.
Be sure to confirm all information in advance and ask for it in writing. Our databases have information that ages very quickly due to the fast changing market. We want you get what you are after.
If you have any credit issues or background situations, bring them up early to avoid your time and wasting your money on application checks.
Your looking for an apartment is the business we perfected in 1959. Yes, we are the oldest service in the United States assisting renters as a professional apartment locator.
We differ from moving companies that offer apartment information and on-line web services in several important ways.
1. We are people helping people, not computers listing information. Your presentation is your vacancy list- your list is based on phone calls, visiting communities, updating resources and our professional experience and opinion.
2. On-line listing services expect you to do all the driving around and calling. They expect you do all the work. They are not a true search of vacancies.
3. Moving companies are trying to increase the people using their moving company and to earn extra on moves.
People wanting real assistance respect those that are professionals. That is all we ask for. When we do the work, we ask for your loyalty and support by informing the apartment communities that we are the reason you are visiting and leasing at their community.
4. Please do not use our time and then write a mover or rebate company name. This can create problems for all concerned.

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Thanks for visiting Apartment Selector®. We offer our free Dallas Apartment locating service to assist you find the apartment home of your choice. Please visit our selected communities in the Apartment Photo Gallery to acquaint you with the style of communities and price ranges/amenities in our area. Please note: our service is absolutely free to you.

All prices and amenities are subject to availability for the unit you choose. The features listed will notapply to all units. Please confirm all information before signing your lease.

Please be sure to tell the on-site leasing agent (note on the guest card and leasing application) that Apartment Selector was responsible for your visiting their community.

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