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1002 Annex Apartments 1002 Annex, Dallas TX 75204.

12921 Abrams Road Apartments 12921 Abrams Rd #506, Dallas TX 75243.

1511 Annex Apartments 1511 Annex Ave, Dallas TX 75204.

1900 Elm Apartments 1900 Elm, Dallas TX 75201.

19019 Preston Apartments 19019 Preston Rd., Dallas TX 75252.

1st Choice Accommodations Apartments 700 N. Pearl Street Suite 1610, Dallas
TX 75201.

2220 Canton Lofts Apartments 2220 Canton, Dallas TX 75201.

2922 Couteau Apartments 2922 Coteau, Dallas Tx 75227.

2929 Wycliff Apartments 2929 Wycliff Ave, Dallas TX 75219.

3200 Main Street Apartments 3200 Main Street, Dallas TX 75226.

3225 Turtle Creek Apartments 3225 Turtle Creek, Dallas TX 75219.

3333 Rosedale Apartments 3333 Rosedale Ave, Dallas TX 75205.

3434 Daniel Unit c Apartments 3434 Daniel Unit c, Dallas TX 75205.

4032 Holland Avenue Apartments 4032 Holland Avenue, Dallas TX 75219.

4130 Commerce Apartments 4130 Commerce Street, Dallas TX 75226.

4242 Cedar Springs Apartments 4242 Cedar Springs, Dallas TX 75219.

4417 Swiss Apartments 4417 Swiss Ave, Dallas TX 75204.

4420 N. Hall Street Apartments 4420 N. Hall Street, Dallas TX 75219.

4429 Bowser Apartments 4429 Bowser, Dallas TX 75219.

4500 NORMANDY Apartments 4500 -4525 Normandy, Dallas TX 75205.

4701 Gaston Apartments 4701 Gaston Ave., Dallas TX 75246.

4903 Worth Apartments 4903 Worth, Dallas TX 75246.

4926 Regier Apartments 4926 Reigier, Dallas TX 75214.

4935 Junius Apartments 4935 Junius, Dallas TX 75214.

500 Expostion Apartments 500 Expostion, Dallas TX 75226.

5001 Junius Apartments 5001 Junius, Dallas TX 75214.

5002 Junius Apartments 5002 Junius, Dallas TX 75214.

5119 Junius Apartments 5119 Junius, Dallas TX 75204.

5121 Gaston Apartments 5121 Gaston, Dallas TX 75204.

5225 Maple Avenue Apartments 5225 Maple Avenue, Dallas TX 75235.

5301 Reiger Apartments 0 % Power Properties, Dallas TX 75214.

5301 Reiger Apartments 5301 Reiger, Dallas TX 75214.

5400 Live Oak Apartments 5400 Live Oak, Dallas TX 75214.

5517 1/2 Merrimac Ave Apartments 5517 1/2 Merrimac Ave, Dallas TX 75206.

5702 Morningside Apartments 5702 Morningside, Dallas TX 75206.

5808 Gaston Apartments 5808 Gaston Ave, Dallas TX 75206.

5820 Reiger Apartments 5820 Reiger, Dallas TX 75214.

5908 Modern Lofts Apartments 5908 Gaston, Dallas TX 75214.

6011 Gaston Apartments 6011 Gaston, Dallas TX 75214.

7506 W. Northwest Hwy #9 Apartments 7506 W. Northwest Hwy #9, Dallas TX 75225.

Abbey Of State Thomas Apartments 2521 Worthington Street, Dallas TX 75204.

Abbott Apartments 4522 Abbott, Dallas TX 75205.

Abbott Apartments 4700 Abbott, Dallas TX 75205.

Abbott Park Apartments Apartments 3001 Maple Ave, Dallas TX 75201.

Acacia Apartments 5912 B Frederick Square, Dallas TX 75225.

Acacia Village Apartments 8317 Park Lane, Dallas TX 75231.

Accommodations America Apartments 717 North Harwood, Dallas TX 75201.

Acorn Tree Apartments 2105 W. Davis, Dallas TX 75208.

Acorn Tree Apartments Apartments 2105 W. Davis St, Dallas TX 75208.

Adagio Palms Apartments 8201 Fair Oaks Crossing, Dallas TX 75231.

Adam Hats Apartment Lofts Apartments 2700 Canton Street, Dallas TX 75226.

Aladdin Apartments 4911 Gaston Avenue, Dallas TX 75214.

Aladdin Apartments Apartments 5156 Vandelia, Dallas TX 75235.

Alexander Courts Apartments 4619 Ross Ave., Dallas TX 0.

Alexandria Apartments 4408 Cole Avenue, Dallas TX 75205.

Ambassador Court Apartments 5027 Live Oak Apt #14, Dallas TX 75206.

Amber Dawn Apartments 8542 Spring Valley, Dallas TX 75240.

Amber Grove Apartments Apartments 3627 Miles St., Dallas TX 75209.

Ambergrove Apts. Apartments 3621 Miles, Dallas TX 75209.

Amberwood I Apartments 4135 Mc Kinney, Dallas TX 75204.

Amberwood Ii Apartments 4141 Mckinney, Dallas TX 75204.

American Beauty Mill Apartments 2400 S. Ervay, Dallas TX 75215.

American Village Apartments 3711 Dilido Rd, Dallas TX 75228.

Amesbury Parc Apartments 4662 Amesbury Drive, Dallas TX 75206.

Amesbury Plaza Apartments 5025 Amesbury Drive, Dallas TX 75206.

Amesbury Townhomes Apartments 5020 Amesbury, Dallas TX 75206.

Amherst Circle Apartments 12221 Merit Dr Suite 160, Dallas TX 75251.

Amli @ Beekman Place Apartments 18777 Midway Road, Dallas TX 75287.

Amli At Bent Tree Apartments 3901 Accent Dr, Dallas TX 75287.

Amli At Bryan Place Apartments 910 Texas Street, Dallas TX 75204.

Amli at Cityplace Apartments 2403 Washington, Dallas TX 75204.

Amli At Frankford Apartments 7421 Frankford Road, Dallas TX 75252.

AMLI at Knox Henderson Apartments 4650 Cole Ave., Dallas TX 75205.

Amli On The Parkway Apartments 4343 Rosemeade Pkwy, Dallas TX 75287.

Amli On Timberglen Apartments 3565 Timberglen, Dallas TX 75287.

Andalusian Gate Apartments 3653 Briargrove Lane, Dallas TX 75287.

Andora Apartments 3305 Linda Drive, Dallas TX 75220.

Andover House Apartments 2643 Creative Place, Dallas TX 75211.

Annex Arms Apartments 1510 Annex, Dallas TX 75204.

Anthony Apartments 2806 Reagan, Dallas TX 75219.

Apple Creek Apts. Apartments 9874 Dale Crest, Dallas TX 75220.

Apple Tree Apartments 3619 Travis, Dallas TX 75204.

Arbor Court/Condos Apartments 6081 Milton, Dallas TX 75206.

Arbor Park Apartments 11515 Leisure Drive, Dallas TX 75243.

Arbor Stone Apartments 6500 S.Cockrell Hill Rd., Dallas TX 75236.

Arbors Of North Dallas Ii Apartments 18625 Midway Rd, Dallas TX 75252.

Arbors On Forest Lane Apartments 10010 Forest, Dallas TX 75243.

Arbour East Apartments 1615 John West, Dallas TX 75228.

Archstone Park Cities Apartments 4400 West University, Dallas TX 75209.

Argyle Apartments 3721 N Hall Street, Dallas TX 75219.

Ascot Apartments 5407 Bryan, Dallas TX 75206.

Ashbrook/C/O Magnolia Grd Apartments 4810 Cole Ave Apt 106, Dallas TX 75205.

Ashley Creek Apartments 9855 Shadow Way, Dallas TX 75243.

Ashton Apartments 2215 Cedar Springs Rd., Dallas TX 75201.

Ashton Springs Apartments 7120 Skillman, Dallas TX 75231.

Ashton Square South Apartments 5740 Martel, Dallas TX 75206.

Ashwood Park Apartments 7650 Mccallum Blvd, Dallas TX 75252.

Aspen Chase Apartments 11760 Ferguson Rd, Dallas TX 75228.

Astoria Apartments 5636 Spring Valley, Dallas TX 75240.

Athenian Apartments 4918 Gaston, Dallas TX 75214.

Atrium Apartments 2904 Douglas #106, Dallas TX 75219.

August Moon Apartments 2801 Knight, Dallas TX 75219.

August Park Apartments Apartments 2808 North St. Augustine, Dallas TX 75227.

Austin Bluffs Apartments 7070 West Camp Wisdom, Dallas TX 75236.

Autumnbrook Apartments 13259 Emily Road, Dallas TX 75240.

Autumncreek Apartments Apartments 10767 E Northwest Hwy, Dallas TX 75238.

Avalon Apartments 1925 Moser Ave, Dallas TX 75206.

Aventerra Apartments 11661 Dennis Road, Dallas TX 75229.

Avenues Apartments 0 Send 3201 N. Haskell, Dallas TX 75204.

Avondale Apartments 3235 Cole Ave., Dallas TX 75204.

Avondale Parc Apartments 10830 Stone Canyon Rd, Dallas TX 75230.

Azalea Court Apartments 1721 John West Rd, Dallas TX 75228.

Bachman Bend Apartments 9905 Starlight, Dallas TX 75220.

Bachman Oaks Apartments 2501 Webbs Chapel Extn, Dallas TX 75220.

Bachman Place Apartments 2807 Bachman Dr, Dallas TX 75220.

Bahama Glen Condos Apartments 2540 Bahama Dr, #111, Dallas TX 75211.

Bahamas Apartments 2415 Bahama Drive, Dallas TX 75211.

Bailiwick Apartments 4425 Gilbert, Dallas TX 75219.

Bannister Apartments 3822 Holland #108, Dallas TX 75219.

Barclay Square Apartments 8117 Barclay, Dallas TX 75227.

Baylor Plaza Apartments 4712 Gaston, Dallas TX 75246.

Baylorview Apartments 4003 -007 Crutcher, Dallas TX 75246.

Bayou Bend Apartments 3353 Lombardy, Dallas TX 75220.

Beacon Hill Apartments 9959 Adleta, Dallas TX 75243.

Bear Creek Apartments Apartments 15935 Bent Tree Forest Circle, Dallas TX

Beau Monde Apartments 5402 Gaston, Dallas TX 75214.

Beckley Apartments 906 S. Beckley, Dallas TX 75203.

Beckley Way I Apartments 9420 Beck Ave, Dallas TX 75228.

Beckley Way Ii Apartments 9332 Beck, Dallas TX 75228.

Bella Palms Apartments 7070 Skillman, Dallas TX 75231.

Bella Vista Apartments 7251 Chaucer Place, Dallas TX 75237.

Belmont Court/Condos Apartments 4919 Belmont, Dallas TX 75206.

Belmont House Apartments 4916 Belmont, Dallas TX 75206.

Belmont Towers Apartments 5619 Belmont Avenue, Dallas TX 75206.

Bend East / Bend Apartments 6061 Village Bend Dr *Sa, Dallas TX 75206.

Bend East / Cliffs Apartments 8820 Southwestern, Dallas TX 75206.

Bend I & II Apartments 5454 Amesbury, Dallas TX 75206.

Bennett Apartments 1612 Bennett, Dallas TX 75206.

Bennett Apartments 2003 Bennett, Dallas TX 75206.

Bennett Lofts Apartments 1910 Bennett Ave, Dallas TX 75206.

Bennett Place Apartments 2223 Bennett, Dallas TX 75206.

Bennett Terrace Apartments 1417 Bennett, Dallas TX 75206.

Benson Place Apartments 3314 Douglas, Dallas TX 75219.

Bent Creek 7150-1 Apartments 9750 Forest Lane, Dallas TX 75243.

Bent Oaks Apartments 16000 Bent Tree Forest, Dallas TX 75248.

Bent Tree Apartments 13515 Kit Ln #109, Dallas TX 75240.

Bent Tree Gardens Apartments 16651 Addison Rd, Dallas TX 75248.

Berkshire Springs Apartments 5704 Spring Valley, Dallas TX 75240.

Berkshire Square Apartments 7950 Cliffbrook Dr., Dallas TX 75240.

Berry Trail Apartments 15215 Berry Trail, Dallas TX 75248.

Big Tree Apartments 907 N Beacon *Sa, Dallas TX 75214.

Biltmore Apartments 6251 Melody Lane, Dallas TX 0.

Biltmore Apts. Apartments 5225 Verde Valley Lane, Dallas TX 75240.

Birchtree Apartments 2722 Throckmorton, Dallas TX 75219.

Birchwood Apartments 4829 Coles Manor, Dallas TX 75204.

Biscayne Apartments 3211 So Vernon Ave, Dallas TX 75224.

Blue Crown Properties Apartments 13901 Midway Road #102, Dallas Tx 75244.

Blue Seven Apartments 3311 Haskell, Dallas TX 75204.

Bluffs Apartments 8749 Southwestern, Dallas TX 75206.

Bluffs At Lakewood Apartments 7510 East Grand, Dallas TX 75214.

Bluffs Of Lakewood Apartments 7510 East Grand, Dallas TX 75214.

Boardwalk On The Parkway Apartments 5100 Verde Valley, Dallas TX 75240.

Bois Du Chene Apartments 3208 Cole Avenue, Dallas TX 75204.

Bois Du Lac Apartments 6318 Richmond Avenue, Dallas TX 75214.

Bolivar Square Apartments 3602 Bolivar Dr., Dallas TX 75220.

Bonita Park Apartments 5221 Bonita Ave, Dallas TX 75206.

Bora Bora Apartment Apartments 5909 Gaston Ave. #101, Dallas TX 752146606.

Boulder Ridge Apartments 3130 Springwood Ln, Dallas TX 75233.

Bowser Apartments 4240 Bowser, Dallas TX 75219.

Bradley Arms Apartments 5616 Bryan Pkwy, Dallas TX 75206.

Braesbrook Apts. Apartments 4321 Congress Ave., Dallas TX 75219.

Braeswood Apartments 8278 Spring Valley Rd, Dallas TX 75240.

Brandon Mill Apartments 8081 Marvin D Love, Dallas TX 75237.

Brandywine Apartments 4710 Lake Avenue, Dallas TX 75219.

Brazos Apartment Homes Apartments 4341 Horizon North Pkwy, Dallas TX 75287.

Brentmore Place Apartments 5454 Peterson Lane, Dallas TX 75240.

Brian Park Apartments 4307 Dickason Ave, Dallas TX 75219.

Briarcliff Apartments 425 N Rosemont Ave #104, Dallas TX 75208.

Briarcliff Apartments 3744 Legendary Lane, Dallas TX 75224.

Briargate Apartments 0 Dba Prestonridge Financial, Dallas TX

Briargrove At Vail Apartments 3939 Briargrove, Dallas TX 75287.

Briarwood-TDS Apartments 8002 Umphress, Dallas TX 75217.

Briarwyck Apartments 10110 Walnut St, Dallas TX 75243.

Bridgeport-TDS Apartments 5440 Jim Miller Rd, Dallas TX 75227.

Bridle Path Apartments 13700 C.F. Hawn Frwy., Dallas TX 75243.

Brighton S Mark Apartments 4808 Haverwood Lane, Dallas TX 75287.

Bristol Square Apartments 1720 John West, Dallas TX 75228.

Brittany Park 7150-1 Apartments 14222 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas TX 75240.

Broadmoor Apartments 3900 Investor Dr, Dallas TX 75237.

Broadstone Seville Apartments 2626 Reagan, Dallas TX 75219.

Brock Residence Inn Apartments 13636 Goldmark, Dallas TX 75240.

Brockbank Apartments 9827 Brockbank Dr, Dallas TX 75220.

Brookfield Apts. Apartments 4060 Preferred Pl., Dallas TX 75237.

Brookhaven Apartments 14833 Marsh Lane, Dallas TX 75244.

Brooklane Terrace Apartments 14020 Marsh Lane #122, Dallas TX 75234.

Brooks Apartments 3767 Brookhaven Club Dr, Dallas TX 75234.

Brookshire North Apartments 9877 Audelia Rd, Dallas TX 75238.

Brookside I Apartments 640 N Plymouth, Dallas TX 75211.

Brookside Ii Apartments 725 N Franklin, Dallas TX 75211.

Brookstone Apts Apartments 7777 Manderville Road, Dallas TX 75231.

Brookwood Apartments 1342 Winding Brook Cir, Dallas TX 75208.

Brown Apartments 4040 Brown Street, Dallas TX 75219.

Bryan Apartments 4408 Bryan St, Dallas TX 75204.

Bryan Crest Apartments 4511 Bryan, Dallas TX 75204.

Bryan Place Apartments 3219 San Jacinto #100, Dallas TX 75204.

Bryans Song Apartments 4645 Bryan St., Dallas TX 75204.

Bryanswood Ii Apartments 4711 Bryan St., Dallas TX 75206.

Bryson At CIty Place Apartments 2901 City Place West Blvd, Dallas Tx 75204.

Buckner Court Apartments 2777 N. Buckner, Dallas TX 752284305.

Buckner Village Apartments 1810 John West Road, Dallas TX 75228.

Buena Vista Apartments 4407 Buena Vista, Dallas TX 75204.

Buena Vista Apartments 4403 Buena Vista, Dallas TX 75204.

Buena Vista Terrace Apartments 4231 Buena Vista, Dallas TX 75205.

Burgundy Condos Apartments 11911 Marsh Lane, Dallas TX 75234.

Burton Terrace Apartments 4225 Mckinney, Dallas TX 75205.

Cal West Apartments 2514 Community Dr, Dallas TX 75220.

Calais On The Slopes Apartments 6430 Slopes Drive, Dallas TX 75231.

Calais/Condos Apartments 6706 Eastridge Dr #102, Dallas TX 75231.

Cambrick At The Park Apartments 4016 Mc Kinney Ave, Dallas TX 75204.

Cambridge Apartments 2820 Reagan Street, Dallas TX 75219.

Cambridge Apartments 5959 E.Northwest Hwy., Dallas TX 75231.

Camden Farmers Market Apartments 2210 Canton Street, Dallas TX 75201.

Camden Gardens Apartments 4280 Trinity Mills, Dallas TX 75287.

Camden Glen Lakes Apartments 9600 Golf Lakes Trail, Dallas TX 75231.

Camden Springs Apartments 18250 Marsh Lane, Dallas TX 75252.

Camino Real Apartments 4300 Horizon N. Pkwy., Dallas TX 75287.

Candleberry Apartments 4606 -10 Monarch, Dallas TX 75204.

Canterbury Apartments 2900 Reagan Ave, Dallas TX 75219.

Canterbury Village Apartments 7251 Chancer Place, Dallas TX 75237.

Canyon Creek Apartments 10951 Stone Canyon, Dallas TX 75230.

Canyon Creek Village Apartments 3130 Lombardy, Dallas TX 75220.

Canyon Falls Apartments 7910 Treehouse Lane *Sa, Dallas TX 752313147.

Canyon Park I Apartments 2235 Graycliff, Dallas TX 75228.

Canyon Parke Ii Apartments 2222 Graycliff, Dallas TX 75228.

Canyon Point Apartments 8209 Meadow Rd *Sa, Dallas TX 75231.

Capitol Terrace Apartments 5209 Capital Ave, Dallas TX 75206.

Capri Apartments 4218 Walnut Hill Ln, Dallas TX 75229.

Carillon House I Apartments 13717 Preston Rd, Dallas TX 75240.

Carillon House Ii Apartments 13659 Preston Rd, Dallas TX 75240.

Carlayne Terrace Apartments 2324 Moser Ave, Dallas TX 75206.

Carlisle On The Crk. Apartments 3140 North Hall, Dallas TX 75204.

Carlton Court Apartments 13323 Maham Road, Dallas TX 75240.

Carlton Heights Apartments 12708 Schroeder, Dallas TX 75243.

Carlyle Apartments 5750 E University Blvd, Dallas TX 75206.

Carolina Chase Apartments 5351 Peterson Lane, Dallas TX 75240.

Carpenter Cove Apartments 4312 Carpenter Ave., Dallas TX 75210.

Carriage Hill Villas I Apartments 4950 Live Oak, Dallas TX 75206.

Carriage Hill Villas Ii Apartments 4928 Live Oak, Dallas TX 75206.

Carriage Hill Villas Iii Apartments 4931 Live Oak, Dallas TX 75206.

Carriage Hill Villas Iv Apartments 4921 Live Oak, Dallas TX 75206.

Carriage Homes Apartments 14827 Preston Rd, Dallas TX 75254.

Carriage House Apartments 6255 Oram, Dallas TX 75214.

Carroll Terrace Apartments 1515 North Carroll Ave, Dallas TX 75204.

Carrollton Park of North Dallas Apartments 18211 Kelly Blvd., Dallas TX 75287.

Caruth @ Lincoln Park Apartments 5445 Caruth Haven, Dallas TX 75225.

Casa Bella Apartments Apartments 2970 Peavy Rd, Dallas TX 75228.

Casa Blanca I Apartments 4619 Lake Avenue, Dallas TX 75219.

Casa Blanca II Apartments 4503 Lake Avenue, Dallas TX 75219.

Casa Blanca Townhomes Apartments 5550 Spring Valley, Dallas TX 75240.

Casa De Loma Apartments 100 N. Randolph #101, Dallas TX 75211.

Casa Monterey Apartments 4630 Mckinney *Sa, Dallas TX 75205.

Casa Nueva Apartments 7621 Ferguson Road, Dallas TX 75228.

Casa View Apartments 2125 Oates Drive, Dallas TX 75228.

Casa Wood Apartments 1130 Fuller Dr, Dallas TX 75218.

Casablanca Apartments 13760 Noel Rd., Suite 614, Dallas TX 75240.

Castillian Apartments 5109 -15-21 Cedar Springs, Dallas TX 75235.

Catalina Apartments 4425 -27 Mckinney, Dallas TX 75205.

Cedar Chalet Apartments 4400 Cedar Springs, Dallas TX 75219.

Cedar Court Apartments 7117 Holly Hill Dr, Dallas TX 75231.

Cedar Creek Apartments Apartments 3708 Miles, Dallas TX 75209.

Cedar Creek/Condos Apartments 4709 miles, Dallas TX 75219.

Cedar Glen Apts Apartments 6363 W. Canp Wisdom Rd., Dallas TX 75236.

Cedar Grove Apartments 3003 Douglas Ave *Sa, Dallas TX 75219.

Cedar Oaks Apartments 901 Cedar Hill Ave, Dallas TX 75208.

Cedar Park Lofts Apartments 2001-2013 S. Ervay St., Dallas TX 75215.

Cedar Plaza Apartments 3113 -3237 Cedar Plaza, Dallas TX 75235.

Cedar Point Apartments 4411 Cedar Springs, Dallas TX 75219.

Cedar Ridge Apartments 7905 Marvin D Love Frwy, Dallas TX 75237.

Cedar Springs Apartments 4401 Cedar Springs #6, Dallas TX 75219.

Cedar Springs Apartments 2721 Cedar Springs, Dallas TX 75201.

Cedar Springs Apartments 3621 Miles, Dallas TX 75209.

Cedar Springs Crossroads Apartments 4777 Cedar Springs, Dallas TX 75219.

Cedar Square Apartments 400 Andrews Street, Dallas TX 75211.

Cedar Tree Apartments 2909 Lucas, Dallas TX 75219.

Cedarbrook Apartments 3750 Rosemeade Parkway, Dallas TX 75287.

Cedarmont Apartments 7117 Holly Hill, Dallas TX 75231.

Cedars Corners Apartments 1108-1120 S. Akard St., Dallas TX 75215.

Cedars Corners Apartments 0 % Bennett Miller Company, Dallas TX 75201.

Celery Stalk I Apartments 5426 Meadowcreek Dr, Dallas TX 75248.

Celery Stalk Ii Apartments 5426 Meadowcreek, Dallas TX 75248.

Centerpoint Apartments 2626 Frankford, Dallas TX 75287.

Central Meadow East Apartments 8111 Meadow Road, Dallas TX 75231.

Centrum Tower Apartments 3111 Welborn, Dallas tx 75219.

Century Apartments 1417 North Washington, Dallas TX 75204.

Chalet I Apartments 4442 Cole, Dallas TX 75205.

Chalet Ii Apartments 4431 Travis, Dallas TX 75205.

Chalet Iii Apartments 4431 Buena Vista, Dallas TX 75205.

Chalet: Carlise On Creek Apartments 0 C/O Carlise On The Creek, Dallas TX 75204.

Chalmette Apartments 3288 South Polk, Dallas TX 75224.

Champions Of North Dallas Apartments 4912 Haverwood, Dallas TX 75252.

Chantelle Apartments 2732 West Colorado, Dallas TX 75211.

Chapala Apartments 4322 Buena Vista #108, Dallas TX 75205.

Chapel Court Apartments 3131 Webbs Chapel Ext, Dallas TX 75220.

Chapel Creek Apartments 3410 Hidalgo Dr, Dallas TX 75220.

Chapel Hill Apartments 3434 Hidalgo Dr, Dallas TX 75220.

Chapel Oaks Apartments 9494 Larga Drive, Dallas TX 75220.

Char-Beau-Nay Apartments 6328 Oriole Dr, Dallas TX 75209.

Chase Crossing Apartments 10931 Stone Canyon, Dallas TX 75230.

Chase I & Ii Apartments 5657 Amesbury, Dallas TX 75206.

Chateau Apartments 4805 Mc Kinney, Dallas TX 75205.

Chateau Paree Apartments 1122 -32 Nokomis, Dallas TX 75224.

Chateau Ritz at Parkside Apartments 4040 Spring Valley Road, Dallas TX 75244.

Chatham Court Apartments 7825 Mc Callum Blvd, Dallas TX 75252.

Chatham House Apartments 4420 Dickason Ave, Dallas TX 75219.

Chelsea Court Apartments 0 Send To Cedar Spring Crossro, Dallas
TX 75219.

Chenault Creek Apartments 2900 Dilido Road, Dallas TX 75228.

Chesapeake Apartments 11620 Audelia Rd, Dallas TX 75243.

Chevelle Apartments 2607 Throckmorton, Dallas TX 75219.

Chez Royale Apartments 1909 Bennett, Dallas TX 75206.

Chimney Hill Apartments 9637 Forest Lane, Dallas TX 75243.

Church Terrace Apartments 4045 North Central Expy, Dallas TX 75204.

Churchill at Pinnacle Park Apartments 1411 Cockrell Hill Rd., Dallas TX 75211.

Churchill On The Park Apartments 7601 Churchill Way, Dallas TX 75251.

Ciello Ranch Apartments 3839 Gannon Ln, Dallas TX 75237.

Cimarron Court Apartments 18333 Roehampton, Dallas TX 75252.

Cimarron Place Apartments 2614 Pasteur #F103, Dallas TX 75228.

Citiscape Apartments Apartments 5800 Prestonview Blvd, Dallas TX 75240.

City Central Apartments 7407 Fair Oaks, Dallas TX 75231.

City Gates Lofts Apartments 4108 Office Pkwy, Dallas TX 75204.

City Limits Apartments 18809 Lina St, Dallas TX 75252.

City Park Lofts Apartments 1707-1721 S. Ervay, Dallas TX 75215.

City Place Apartments 3201 N Haskell, Dallas TX 75204.

Cityville at Live Oak Apartments 1333 N Peak St., Dallas TX 75204.

Cityville Fitzhugh Apartments 2819 N Fitzhugh, Dallas TX 75204.

Cityville Greenville Apartments 1811 Greenville Ave., Dallas TX 75206.

Cityville Southwestern Apartments 2222 MOTOR ST, DALLAS TX 75235.

Claremont Apartments 2472 Highland, Dallas TX 75228.

Claridge Pointe Apartments 8350 Park Lane, Dallas TX 75231.

Cliff Park Village Apartments 220 E. Overton, Dallas TX 75216.

Cliffbrook Condominiums Apartments 7965 Cliffbrook Dr #108, Dallas TX 75240.

Cliffbrook Garden Apartments 7900 Cliffbrook Dr, Dallas TX 75240.

Cliffcrest Apartments 418 -A East 8th Street, Dallas TX 75208.

Cliffs In The Village Apartments 8820 Southwestern, Dallas TX 75206.

Clipper Pointe Apartments 4015 Brookhaven Club Dr, Dallas TX 75001.

Clipper Ship Apartments 5421 Bryan, Dallas TX 75206.

Cloister Apartments 4112 Cole Avenue, Dallas TX 75204.

Club View Gardens Apartments 3333 Webbs Chapel Ext *Sa, Dallas TX 75220.

Cluster Apartments 2805 Reagan Ave, Dallas TX 75219.

Cole Avenue Apartments 4326 Cole, Dallas TX 75205.

Cole Place Apartments 3724 Cole Place #201, Dallas TX 75204.

Cole Plaza Apartments 4311 Cole, Dallas TX 75204.

Colmar I Apartments 311 West 9th, Dallas TX 75208.

Colmar Ii Apartments 715 West 10th, Dallas TX 75208.

Colmar Iii Apartments 617 West 10th, Dallas TX 75208.

Colonade On Cole Apartments 4111 Cole Ave, Dallas TX 75204.

Colonial Arms Apartments 4146 Newton, Dallas TX 75219.

Colonial Terrace Apartments 3009 Knight Street, Dallas TX 75219.

Colonial Village At Pear Ridge Apartments 5050 Pear Ridge Dr., Dallas TX 75287.

Colonnade At Turtle Creek Apartments 3311 Blackburn, Dallas TX 75204.

Colony Corner Apartments 4911 Junius, Dallas TX 75214.

Colony I Apartments 4115 Fairmount #204, Dallas TX 75219.

Colorado Place Apartments 2242 Rockcrest Dr, Dallas TX 75211.

Columbia Apartments 4608 Columbia, Dallas TX 75246.

Columbia Apartments 5222 Columbia, Dallas TX 75214.

Columbia Manor Apartments 5310 -5328 Columbia Ave., Dallas TX 75214.

Columbian Apartments 5124 Columbia Ave, Dallas TX 75214.

Columbus Square Apartments 2828 Laclede, Dallas TX 75204.

Commerce Street Loft Apartments 3026 Commerce Street Apt. 303, Dallas
TX 75204.

Commons On Travis Apartments 0 C/O Adams Hat, Dallas TX 75226.

Commons On Whitehurst Apartments 9941 Whitehurst *Sa, Dallas TX 75243.

Commons/Cliff Crk Crossng Apartments 7550 Cliff Creek Crossing, Dallas TX 75237.

Community North Apartments 2833 Community Drive, Dallas TX 75220.

Community Place Apartments 3358 Clydedale, Dallas TX 75220.

Congress/Welborn Apartments 2731 Welborn, Dallas TX 75219.

Constantine Apartments 3210 Carlisle, Dallas TX 75204.

Contempory Living Apartments 13333 Maham #101, Dallas TX 75240.

Continental Apartments 111 Continental, Dallas TX 75207.

Continental House Apartments 4828 Alcott, Dallas TX 75204.

Copper Creek Apartments 13450 Maham Rd, Dallas TX 75240.

Copperfield/Condos I Apartments 8600 Coppertown Lane, Dallas TX 75243.

Coral Creek Apartments 6500 S. Cockrell Hill, Dallas TX 75236.

Coral Gates Apartments 5119 Live Oak, Dallas TX 75206.

Coral Ridge Apartments 4221 Travis Street, Dallas TX 75204.

Coral Ridge Apartments 4817-4819 Reiger Ave., Dallas TX 75246.

Cordoba Apartments 9885 Abernathy Ave, Dallas TX 75220.

Cordova Apartments 6319 E Mockingbird Ln, Dallas TX 75214.

Corner Place Apartments 4400 Mckinney Ave, Dallas TX 75205.

Corners Apartments 6310 Shady Brook, Dallas TX 75206.

Corners East Apartments 8519 Southwestern Blvd, Dallas TX 75206.

Corners/Fortune Corners Apartments 7878 M.D. Love Freeway, Dallas TX 75237.

Cornerstone Apartments 5201 -11 Gaston Ave, Dallas TX 75214.

Cornerstone Chase Apartments 3120 Valley Meadow, Dallas TX 75220.

Coronado Apartments 7414 East Grand Ave., Dallas TX 75214.

Country Green Apartments 630 Stevens Village Dr, Dallas TX 75208.

Country Squire Apartments 10062 Royal Lane, Dallas TX 75238.

Court Of 2 Sisters Apartments 4311 Bowser Ave, Dallas TX 75219.

Courts At Preston Oaks Apartments 5400 Preston Oaks Rd, Dallas TX 75240.

Courts of Bent Tree Apartments 17250 Noel Trail, Dallas TX 75248.

Courts Of Cedar Springs Apartments 4505 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas TX 75219.

Courts Of Mccallum Apartments 7777 McCallum, Dallas TX 75252.

Courts Of Mccallum Apartments 7777 Mccallum Blvd, Dallas TX 75252.

Courtyard Apartments 4238 Mckinney Ave, Dallas TX 75205.

Courtyard On Mckinney Apartments 4717 Mc Kinney, Dallas TX 75205.

Courtyard On Ridgecrest Apartments 6003 Rdigecrest, Dallas TX 75231.

Courtyards At Campbell Apartments 16500 Lauder Lane, Dallas TX 75248.

Courtyards At Knox Park Apartments 4654 Mckinney Ave., Dallas TX 75205.

Coventry Court Apartments 4111 Cole Avenue, Dallas TX 75204.

Covington Pointe Apartments 5330 Bent Tree Forest, Dallas TX 75248.

Crawford North Apartments 101 North Crawford #2, Dallas TX 75203.

Creek Bend/Condos Apartments 12480 Abrams, Dallas TX 75243.

Creekbend Townhomes Apartments 12830 Burning Log, Dallas TX 75243.

Creekside Hills I Apartments 2727 W Jefferson, Dallas TX 75211.

Creekside Hills Ii Apartments 2727 W Jefferson, Dallas TX 75211.

Creekside Hills Iii Apartments 2727 W Jefferson, Dallas TX 75211.

Creekside Hills Iv Apartments 2727 W Jefferson, Dallas TX 75211.

Creekside North Apartments 13500 Maham Road, Dallas TX 75240.

Creekstone Apartments 11110 Woodmeadow, Dallas TX 75228.

Creekview Apartments 14255 Preston Rd, Dallas TX 75240.

Creekwood Village 7150-1 Apartments 10928 Audelia, Dallas TX 75243.

Cresent View Apartments 2924 Lucas Dr, Dallas TX 75219.

Crest Apartments 2821 Reagan, Dallas TX 75219.

Crestmont Apartments 3328 Cedar Plaza, Dallas TX 75235.

Crestridge Apartments 6417 Ridgecrest, Dallas TX 75231.

Crestview House Apartments 3205 Crestview Dr, Dallas TX 75235.

Crestwood Apartments 2131 Highland Rd, Dallas TX 75228.

Crestwood Apartments 3911 Cole Avenue, Dallas TX 75204.

Cross Creek Apartments Apartments 6033 E Northwest Hwy, Dallas TX 75231.

Crossbridge Apartments 8850 Fair Oaks Crossing, Dallas TX 75231.

Crossings on Marsh Apartments 18788 Marsh Lane, Dallas TX 75287.

Crossroads Apartments 3616 1/2 Legendary Lane, Dallas TX 75224.

Crossroad's Condo Apartments 5757 University #22L, Dallas TX 75206.

Crystal Lake Townhomes Apartments 7229 Ferguson Rd, Dallas TX 752287722.

Cypress Point Apartments 9327 Forest Lane, Dallas TX 75243.

Dakota in the Village Apartments 6550 Shady Brook Lane, Dallas TX 75206.

Dallas North Apartments 5557 Alpha Rd, Dallas TX 75240.

Dallas Power and Light Residences Apartments 1506 Commerce St., Dallas TX 75202.

Dallas Royal Oaks Apartments 2880 Peavy Road, Dallas TX 75228.

Dalmont Apartments 3720 Rawlins, Dallas TX 75219.

Dana Point Apartments 18800 Lina St, Dallas TX 75287.

Daniel S Apts Apartments 3314 Daniels, Dallas TX 75205.

Davenport Apartments 14500 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas TX 0.

Davis Building Lofts Apartments 1309 Main Street, Dallas TX 75201.

Deep Ellum Lofts Apartments 3401 Commerce Street, Dallas TX 75226.

Deer Creek Apartments 3550 St. Francis Ave., Dallas TX 75228.

Deer Run Apartments 3637 Trinity Mills, Dallas TX 75287.

Deerfield Apartments 9670 Forest Lane *Sa, Dallas TX 75243.

Del Prado Apartments 2815 Peavy Road, Dallas TX 75228.

Del Ray Village Apartments 9607 Wickersham, Dallas TX 75238.

Delmar Villas Apts. Apartments 6466 Ridgecrest, Dallas TX 75231.

Denton Oaks Apartments 4735 Denton Dr, Dallas TX 75219.

Devonshire Apartments 2614 N. Fitzhugh, Dallas TX 75204.

Devonshire Apartments 3211 Chapel Creek Dr, Dallas TX 75220.

Diamond Creek Apartments 3402 S. Buckner, Dallas TX 75227.

Diamond Ridge Apartments 8039 Chariot Dr #1034, Dallas TX 75227.

Do Not Use-Old Indigo On Fores Apartments 9669 Forest Lane, Dallas TX 75243.

Dolphin Apartments 907 North Beacon, Dallas TX 75214.

Don Pedro Apartments 5221 Live Oak, Dallas TX 75206.

Doral Apts Apartments 13740 Montfort, Dallas TX 75240.

Dorchester Apartments 5300 Spring Valley, Dallas TX 75254.

Douglas Manor Apartments 2602 Douglas Ave, Dallas TX 75219.

Douglas Park Apartments 3109 Douglas Ave, Dallas TX 75219.

Drexel Grand Apartments 3303 Blackburn, Dallas Tx 75204.

Drexel Manor Apartments 2855 Woodside, Dallas tx 75204.

Driftwood Apartments 5707 -5711 Gaston, Dallas TX 75214.

Dunes Apartments 5003 Live Oak, Dallas TX 75206.

Dunes At Richland Oaks Apartments 13015 Audelia, Dallas TX 75243.

Durango Apartments 5310 Gaston Ave, Dallas TX 75214.

Eagle Creek Apartments 18959 Lina St, Dallas TX 75252.

Eagle Point Apartments 3913 Gannon Lane, Dallas TX 75237.

East Hill Villas Iii Apartments 4416 Bryan, Dallas TX 75204.

Eastbridge Apartments 5119 Willis Avenue, Dallas TX 75206.

Eastchase Apartments 2202 &2212 N Fitzhugh, Dallas TX 75204.

Eastern Manor Apartments 7609 -7623 Eastern Ave, Dallas TX 75209.

Easton Apartments 2525 N. Henderson, Dallas TX 75206.

Easton Apartments 3701 Cedar Plaza, Dallas TX 75209.

Eastside Apartments 4951 East Side Ave, Dallas TX 75214.

Eastside Patio Apartments 5111 Eastside Avenue, Dallas TX 75214.

Echo Apartments 414 Hartsdale, Dallas TX 75211.

Eddie Davis MAB Realty Apartments 4305 W. Lovers Lane, Dallas TX 75209.

Edgemere Apartments c/o Preston Village Apartments, Dallas
TX 75225.

El Cielo Apartments 4602 Columbia, Dallas TX 75206.

El Gato Apartments 4121 Travis, Dallas TX 75204.

El Ocotillo Apartments 4823 Gaston Ave, Dallas TX 75246.

El Patio Apartments 4310 Buena Vista, Dallas TX 75205.

El Segovia Apartments 2408 Bennett, Dallas TX 75206.

ElCamino Condos Apartments ElCamino Condos, Dallas TX 75230.

Elizabeth Court Apartments 4104 Cole Avenue, Dallas TX 75206.

Elm Street Lofts Apartments 2639 Elm Street, Dallas 75226.

Elms Apartments 831 -837 North Ewing, Dallas TX 75203.

Embassy House Apartments 8503 Edgemere Rd, Dallas TX 75225.

Embassy Oaks Apartments 5620 Live Oak, Dallas TX 75206.

Emerald Gardens Apartments 4412 Mckinney Ave, Dallas TX 75205.

Emerald Isle Apartments 8861 A Gaston Pkwy, Dallas TX 75218.

Emerson-Four Plex Apartments 4336 Emerson Ave, Dallas TX 75205.

Emery Park Apartments 1930 Atlantic, Dallas TX 75208.

Enchanted Hills Apartments 7963 Villa Cliff Drive, Dallas TX 75228.

Enclave Apartments 5102 Bowser Ave, Dallas TX 75209.

Enfield Stoney Creek Apartments 11333 Amanda, Dallas TX 75238.

Englenook Apartments 9161 Briar Forest Dr, Dallas TX 75243.

English Oaks Apartments 6731 Larmanda, Dallas TX 75231.

Establishment Apartments 4411 Dickason Ave, Dallas TX 75219.

Estancia Townhomes Apartments 5515 ESTANCIA CIR, Dallas TX 0.

Estates On Frankford Apartments 7575 Frankford Rd., Dallas TX 75252.

Euphrates Apartments 2900 Douglas Ave., Dallas TX 75219.

Everwood Apartments 6910 Skillman, Dallas TX 75231.

Extended Stay (Frankford HSD) Apartments 18470 N. Dallas Pkwy, Dallas Tx 75287.

Extended Stay America (add/toll) Apartments 17425 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas tx 75287.

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