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Garland apartment listings! We offer a large apartment selection and, relocation and property management information for the Garland, Texas
Our experienced agents who find the perfect apartment and email you the results along with available pictures, floor plans and maps to the properties. Free Apartment Locating and Finding Service for apartments near hospitals in Garland TX.
For those who like the south, there is no better city than Garland, Texas . The lifestyle is relaxed,comfortable, but fast paced in this rapidly growing city. Garland seems to be the perfect city to have fun, raise a family, and find an exciting job.
Leasing an apartment in Garland, Texasis quick and simple with our Free Apartment Locating Services. All you do is contact us at Apartment Selector of Texas and complete our email request form. You will be contacted by a relocation specialist to confirm your information. Easy as 1,2,3!
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Amberly Village T.H. Apartments 2735 North Garland Road, Garland TX 75040.

Bay Island Apartments 6109 Bay Island Dr, Garland TX 75043.

Belmont At Duck Creek Apartments 6202 Duck Creek Drive, Garland TX 75043.

Boulders Apts. Apartments 6337 Duck Creek Dr., Garland TX 750433654.

Bradfield Creek Apartments 3617 Broadway Ste A, Garland TX 75043.

Bradfield Creek/Castle Cove Apartments 2057 Castle Drive Ofc B, Garland TX 75040.

Bradfield Place Apartments 1233 Castle Drive, Garland TX 75040.

Brandon Walk Apartments 901 Brand Road, Garland TX 75040.

Broadway Apartments 5118 Broadway, Garland TX 75043.

Broadway Village Apartments 802 Broadway Commons, Garland TX 75043.

Castle Glen Apartments 4221 Rosehill, Garland TX 75043.

Castleglen Townhomes Apartments 1004 Castleglen Drive, Garland TX 75043.

Cedars Apartments 3754 Buckingham Rd, Garland TX 75042.

Centerville Crossing Apartments 810 W Centerville Rd, Garland TX 75041.

Centerville Pointe Apartments 4266 Duck Creek Drive, Garland TX 75043.

Centron I Apartments 4386 Lawrence Rd, Garland TX 75042.

Chateau Petite Apartments 1221 West Miller Road, Garland TX 75041.

Cherrybrook I & Ii Apartments 3100 West Walnut, Garland TX 75042.

Cherrybrook Iii & Iv Apartments 3100 W. Walnut, Garland TX 75042.

Cimarron Place Apartments 637 Broadway Commons, Garland TX 75043.

Country Club Condos Apartments 1701 E. Centerville Rd, Garland TX 75041.

Country Creek Apartments 1702 N. Jupiter Rd, Garland TX 75042.

Country Meadow Apartments 605 East Ih 30 #104, Garland TX 75043.

Country Place Apartments 0 Leasing Castle Cove, Garland TX 75043.

Courtyard Apartments 2046 North Shiloh, Garland TX 75042.

Cove Apartments 200 S Jupiter, Garland TX 75042.

Crestridge Apartments Apartments 3200 West Walnut #101a, Garland TX 75042.

Eagle's Landing Apartments 238 E. Oates Road, Garland TX 75043.

Equinox On The Park Apartments 6200 North Shiloh Rd., Garland TX 75044.

Forest At Duck Creek Apartments 4328 Duck Creek Dr, Garland TX 75043.

Forest Landing Apartments 921 Faulkner Creek, Garland TX 0.

Fox Bend Apartments 2156 Cranford Drive, Garland TX 75041.

Franciscan Apartments 1201 Winifred, Garland TX 75241.

Garl Inn Apartments 220 South Jupiter Rd, Garland TX 75042.

Gateway Place Apartments 782 Gatewood, Garland TX 75043.

Gatewood Village Apartments 424 Gatewood Dr #102, Garland TX 75043.

Glenbrook Condos Apartments 2035 S. Glenbrook Drive, Garland TX 75041.

Glenbrook Place Apartments 2121 S. Glenbrook, Garland TX 75041.

Glenrose Square Apartments 802 Castleglen Dr. #101, Garland TX 75043.

Green Tree Apartments 4622 North Jupiter, Garland TX 75042.

Hampton Court Apartments 701 W.Buckingham Rd #717, Garland TX 75040.

Heather Place Apartments 725 East Ih-30#105, Garland TX 75043.

Hickory Apartments 320 So Jupiter, Garland TX 75042.

Hills Of Palos Verde Apartments 930 West Ih 30, Garland TX 75043.

Holiday Park Apartments 1810 Beltline Road, Garland TX 75042.

Hubbards Ridge Apartments 4351 Point Blvd., Garland TX 75043.

Lake Bluff Apartments 1365 E. I-30, Garland TX 75043.

Lake Colony Apartments 4605 Chaha Rd, Garland TX 75043.

Lake Colony Apartments 4605 Chaha Rd, Garland TX 75043.

Lake Colony Townhomes Apartments 4605 Chaha Rd, Garland TX 75043.

Lake Meadows Apartments 5409 Zion Rd., Garland TX 75043.

Lakeview/Condos Apartments 4501 Bobtown Rd, Garland TX 75043.

Lakeway Colony Apartments 1044 East Hwy 30, Garland TX 75043.

Lakeway Forest Apartments 1227 Forest Creek Dr #111, Garland TX 750432183.

Lakeway Harbor / Point Apartments 4358 Point Blvd, Garland TX 75043.

Lakeway Meadows Apartments 241 E I 30, Garland TX 75043.

Lakeway Trace Apartments 4001 Easton Meadows, Garland TX 75043.

Lakeway Trace & Place Apartments 4001 Easton Meadows, Garland TX 75043.

Les Versailles Apartments 3110 W Walnut, Garland TX 75042.

Meadow Creek Apartment Apartments 518 Tacoma, Garland TX 75043.

Miller Glen Apartments 1221 W. Miller Rd, Garland TX 75041.

Miller Park Apartments 724 W Miller Rd #105, Garland TX 75041.

Mission Spring Creek Apartments 1802 Apollo Rd, Garland TX 75042.

Oak Glen Apartments 4420 Saturn, Garland TX 75041.

Oakwood Vlg Retirement Apartments 801 La Prada, Garland TX 75043.

Orchard Hills Apts. Apartments 1320 W. Kingsley, Garland TX 75041.

Orchard Square Apartments 1520 W Kingsley, Garland TX 75041.

Park Ridge Apartments 1839 S Glenbrook Dr, Garland TX 75040.

Parkaire Apartments 300 South Jupiter, Garland TX 75042.

Patricia Apartments 2713 -17 Patricia, Garland TX 75041.

Pavillion/Tanglewood/Windsor Apartments 2811 N. Shiloh, Garland TX 75206.

Peachtree Square Apartments 4610 Saturn Road, Garland TX 75041.

Pecan Knoll Apartments 1051 E Centerville Rd, Garland TX 75041.

Pepperwood Apartments 4625 W Walnut, Garland TX 75042.

Pineview Apartments 3910 Walnut Parkway, Garland TX 75042.

Primrose at Park Place Apartments 202 Beltline Road, Garland TX 75040.

Regents Point Apartments 1801 West Walnut, Garland TX 75042.

River Glen Apartments 1702 Edgefield, Garland TX 75040.

Rosehill Place Apartments 4305 Rosehill Rd #1, Garland TX 75043.

Saddletree Apartments 5710 Duck Creek, Garland TX 75043.

Saturn Square Apartments 4250 Saturn Road, Garland TX 75041.

Scott Garden Apartments 1550 East Miller Rd, Garland TX 75041.

Seven Oaks Apartment Homes Apartments 2001 W. Campbell Road, Garland TX 75044.

Shadowwood Apartments 120 S Jupiter Rd, Garland TX 75042.

Shiloh Bend Apartments 1302 North Shiloh, Garland TX 75042.

Shiloh Oaks Apartments 2379 W Apollo Road, Garland TX 75042.

Spanish Villa Apartments 110 N Jupiter Rd, Garland TX 75042.

Spring Park Apartments 2701 Lookout Drive, Garland TX 75044.

Stone Creek Apartments 3220 W Walnut, Garland TX 75042.

Stoneleigh On Spring Creek Apartments 5501 Naamen Forest Blvd, Garland TX 75044.

Stoneleigh Place Apartments 2261 W Buckingham, Garland TX 75042.

Stonewood Apartments 4209 W Walnut, Garland TX 75042.

Sutton Place/Condos Apartments 1800 High Brook Ct, Garland TX 75042.

The Meadows Apartments 3826 Easton Drive, Garland TX 75043.

Towers Apartments 2121 S Glenbrook, Garland TX 75041.

Townsman Apartments 2500 South Garland, Garland TX 75041.

Valley Creek Apartments 2822 Guthrie Rd., Garland TX 75043.

Village At Eastgate Apartments 1765 Plaza Drive, Garland TX 75041.

Village Green Apartments 3614 Clubview, Garland TX 75042.

Walnut Glen Apartments 2914 West Walnut, Garland TX 75042.

Williamsburg Townhouse Apartments 1423 Forest Lane #139, Garland TX 75042.

Willowgate Apartments 909 E Centerville Road, Garland TX 75041.

Willows Apartments 402 E Kingsley Rd, Garland TX 75041.

Windward Apartments 4288 Chah, Apt.#203, Garland TX 75043.

Windward Communities Apartments 1021 E I-30, Garland TX 75043.

Windward2 Apartments 4288 Chaha, Garland TX 75043.

Woodgate Apartments 3020 West Walnut, Garland TX 75042.

Wykeham Townhomes Apartments 1009 Woburn Dr, Garland TX 75043.

Wyngate Townhomes Apartments 3901 Dover, Garland TX 75043.

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We save you time- Vacancy searching can require hours of phone calling or knocking on doors.
We save you money- Driving to the wrong communities takes your gas.
The day before you visit be sure to contact your leasing specialist so they can update prices, specials and availabilities.
What we do, is save you time and money. We search our database for the communities matched to your needs. You review the initial selections on line. We can adjust the list based on your comments. You visit communities that are matched to your criteria, that is how we save you time and money.
Please advise the on-site leasing team that Apartment Selector is the source (how you learned about the community).
What to expect when leasing an apartment in Garland!
The apartments use similar leases and lease applications. Be prepared with your deposit check and identification when you visit a community. Very often they offer “Look and Lease” specials. Be ready.
Will you need a roommate or spouse to approve your new apartment? Be sure to have them look with you.
Be sure to confirm all information in advance and ask for it in writing. Our databases have information that ages very quickly due to the fast changing market. We want you get what you are after.
If you have any credit issues or background situations, bring them up early to avoid your time and wasting your money on application checks.
Your looking for an apartment is the business we perfected in 1959. Yes, we are the oldest service in the United States assisting renters as a professional apartment locator.
We differ from moving companies that offer apartment information and on-line web services in several important ways.
1. We are people helping people, not computers listing information. Your presentation is your vacancy list- your list is based on phone calls, visiting communities, updating resources and our professional experience and opinion.
2. On-line listing services expect you to do all the driving around and calling. They expect you do all the work. They are not a true search of vacancies.
3. Moving companies are trying to increase the people using their moving company and to earn extra on moves.
People wanting real assistance respect those that are professionals. That is all we ask for. When we do the work, we ask for your loyalty and support by informing the apartment communities that we are the reason you are visiting and leasing at their community.
4. Please do not use our time and then write a mover or rebate company name. This can create problems for all concerned.

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