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Apartments near Cities GA ! We offer the largest apartment selection, relocation and property management information in the Atlanta Georgia with our experienced agents who find the perfect apartment and email you the results along with available pictures, floor plans and maps to the properties. Free Apartment Locating and Finding Service for apartments near Atlanta GA .
For those who like the south, there is no better city than Atlanta GA . The lifestyle is relaxed,comfortable, but fast paced in this rapidly growing city. Atlanta seems to be the perfect city to have fun, raise a family, and find an exciting job.
Leasing an apartment in Atlanta is quick and simple with our Free Apartment Locating Services. All you do is contact us at Apartment Selector of Georgia and complete our email request form. You will be contacted by a relocation specialist to confirm your information. Easy as 1,2,3!
1. Complete the Search Request Form for Apartments near Atlanta GA .
2. We will contact you in a few hours to verify the information.
3. View the communities on-line and then visit your top choices.

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  • Basic Information regarding leasing trends
    include area designations, security deposits,
    pets and fees, short term and furnished availability.

  • Area designations- North, South, East and West Suburbs are dominated by typical mall shopping, cinemas and office parks. Typical residential rental housing includes garden style apartments of no more than four floors. The most modern buildings are found in the suburbs. Urban and university area apartments may more typically be older housing stock with heat included and sometimes air conditioning.

  • Security Deposits in the region are typically one month's rent as damage security deposit. Sometimes a suburban property my run a special or maintain lower deposits to attract customers. In the Central area of town a full month is required and a year's lease. No "last month's rent" is collected. Pet deposits are usually an additional full month's rent.

  • Regarding pets, there has been some increase in acceptability of pets, multiple pets and larger dogs in the last two renting seasons. Usual apartment rentals charge a non-refundable fee, an extra deposit and sometimes a monthly fee for pets. Very few properties accept larger dogs.

  • Short Term leases range at a minimum of three month's rent, due to the increased demand on rental units, and able to be found only suburban. Month to month leasing is quite uncommon in today's rental properties. Stronger properties accept only a 12 month lease but typically will offer a "lease buy out", if asked, for employment transfer or home buying. This would include notice and penalty fee.

  • Furnished apartments are provided for in one of three ways; a corporate furnished provider that includes every necessity and premium price, on-property furnished rentals managed through the rental offices as a convenience at a moderate price and do-it-yourself furnished plus utility payments using furniture rental companies.

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We save you time- Vacancy searching can require hours of phone calling or knocking on doors.
We save you money- Driving to the wrong communities takes your gas.
The day before you visit be sure to contact your leasing specialist so they can update prices, specials and availabilities.
What we do, is save you time and money. We search our database for the communities matched to your needs. You review the initial selections on line. We can adjust the list based on your comments. You visit communities that are matched to your criteria, that is how we save you time and money.
Please advise the on-site leasing team that Apartment Selector is the source (how you learned about the community).
What to expect when leasing an apartment in Atlanta!
The apartments use similar leases and lease applications. Be prepared with your deposit check and identification when you visit a community. Very often they offer “Look and Lease” specials. Be ready.
Will you need a roommate or spouse to approve your new apartment? Be sure to have them look with you.
Be sure to confirm all information in advance and ask for it in writing. Our databases have information that ages very quickly due to the fast changing market. We want you get what you are after.
If you have any credit issues or background situations, bring them up early to avoid your time and wasting your money on application checks.
Your looking for an apartment is the business we perfected in 1959. Yes, we are the oldest service in the United States assisting renters as a professional apartment locator.
We differ from moving companies that offer apartment information and on-line web services in several important ways.
1. We are people helping people, not computers listing information. Your presentation is your vacancy list- your list is based on phone calls, visiting communities, updating resources and our professional experience and opinion.
2. On-line listing services expect you to do all the driving around and calling. They expect you do all the work. They are not a true search of vacancies.
3. Moving companies are trying to increase the people using their moving company and to earn extra on moves.
People wanting real assistance respect those that are professionals. That is all we ask for. When we do the work, we ask for your loyalty and support by informing the apartment communities that we are the reason you are visiting and leasing at their community.
4. Please do not use our time and then write a mover or rebate company name. This can create problems for all concerned.

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All prices and amenities are subject to availability for the unit you choose. The features listed will notapply to all units. Please confirm all information before signing your lease.

Please be sure to tell the on-site leasing agent (note on the guest card and leasing application) that Apartment Selector was responsible for your visiting their community.

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